150111 Afternoon Fuel

I am currently addicted to a banana-vanilla smoothie I found in Jane Clarke’s cookbook Bodyfoods for Busy People.¬†Jane recommends it for headaches and migraines, and I have to say when you are hitting your head against the wall with writer’s block, it just might help that as well.

Her recipe simply calls for two bananas and vanilla yogurt. For my version I switched it up a bit and used non-fat plain Greek yogurt for an extra punch of protein. Sprinkle ground flax seed or hemp hearts and you’ve got a very sweet treat.


2 medium bananas
6oz plain non-fat Greek Yogurt
splash of vanilla
Honey to taste (about a tsp–more or less depending on how sweet you like things)

Ground flax seed and hemp hearts

Stick bananas, yogurt, honey and vanilla in blender and blend till smooth.

Garnish with ground flax seed and hemp hearts if you choose to use them

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